Sound Design, Filed Recording and Music Production for Game and Cinematic.

Sound Design

We provide the highest quality audio for mobile applications. We create samples, presets and sound effects from scratch, perfectly matched to any production.

Field Recordings

We record field sound effects and ambient sounds to game, cinematic or virtual reality.
We implement any sound to create events in fmod studio for future use in Unity or Unreal Engine


We create soundtrack to film, trailer and animation, with mood and scare to providing viewers unforgettable impressions combined with sound and image.

Music Production

We arrange and produce music for radio, television production or theater.

About Us

Pugnax Studio is creative freelance studio performing sound design, post-production, filed recordings and music production for Cinematic, Games (Fmod studio events with Unity or UE4 integration), Television, Theatre, Sounds for Mobile App on iOS / Android platforms, Sample Library and Presets. We specialize of any kind of field of music to provides consumers unforgettable emotions, because we love challenges to creating sounds that provide a unique audio soundscape for each project.

We combining different technique of recordings and music styles productions. Our goal is create sound effects and music that will immerse the player or viewer deeper into your game world, film or virtual reality. We believe that sound is vital and should be carefully crafted, therefore every project must be authentic.

We are recoring and create sound effects using filed recordings and custom libary material to generate original audio. We design, create, edit, convert, implement and manage large volumes of audio content. We got knowledge of recording techniques, sound creation and location recording. We creates content, which involves recording audio elements and crafting them in an audio workstation to match animations or environments in the game.

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Field Recording

Sound design can mean a lot of things. It can mean arranging realistic sounds in a way to create a completely new sound, and can also mean creating unusual sounds in the sound landscape. Field recordings is currently the most popular source for recording soundtracks for movies and soundtracks for games that particularly require sound recording through creative services. Sound in the game is more than just creating sound effects, it's the ability to pick up sounds and make it ideally suited to the game or movie environment. Preparing such a recording forces you to enter the mind of the game user by creating a musical imagination to properly determine realistic sounds for use in games and movies.

Our Team

Is a music composer, producer and sound designer, focused on creation preset, sample library, objects recording, field recording for game and cinematic. He creates events in Fmod studio for Unity or Unreal Engine 4 environment.

Mariusz Bieroński

Sound Designer

Is a music composer, Dj, sound designer and arranger, focused on creating new sound. Composing a modern electronic music for game and soundtrack for films.
His specialization is creating original music and sound effects for visual media.

Tomasz Kotula

Sound Designer

Sound Design

Sound Libary


Trailer, Epic, Orchestral

Business and Corporate

Uplifting, Motivation

Game Music

Electronic, Indie, Action, Chiptune

Ambient Backgrounds

Horror, Thriller

Sound FX and Field Recording

Rise and Hit, Damage, Abstract


Jingle, Spot


English /  Polski

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